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Designed for teachers of any form of dance as well as Pilates & Yoga instructors who wish to learn all 3 levels of Progressing Ballet Technique and become certified in PBT. Learn this technique of innovation to develop muscle memory to enhance dance training. It will be explained how to transfer this innovative technique into your classroom.

The workshops go through in detail the difference stages of students’ development and what exercises to introduce and accelerate as the student becomes stronger. Development of a progression will be extended to the more Advanced levels of training. Details will be given to you regarding the content of the combinations.The course comprises of practical learning and it is encouraged to physically try out all of the exercises to feel the benefits for yourself, there is also note taking & Q&A time.

Advanced Program

This level is designed for students aged from 15 through to Pre-Professional. The development has been created in conjunction with renowned muscular skeletal physiotherapist Debra Crookshanks who is on the board of the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science (IADMS). The program stimulates and motivates the students to achieve their personal best in their training. The use of resistance bands strengthens the entire upper body and the use of ports de bras. A section is dedicated to boys training and preparing them safely for pas de deux. The entire program promotes complete body fitness, deep core activation and the students’ awareness of muscle memory to transfer into their dance classes. The body is the dancers instrument; PBT helps to keep the entire body healthy without strain and triggers the dancers proprioceptive system.

Senior Program

Catering for the continual development in dance training for the students between the ages of 11 & 14 years. The program continues to strengthen the posture, weight-placement & alignment during adolescence. The students will strengthen their core including their upper back as well as set up the correct initiation of batterie. Within the senior level we encourage the correct breathing patterns to enhance the freedom and coordination of movements whilst, a multifaceted movement routine with repetition to music commences the set up of the body’s proprioceptive system.

Junior Program

Designed to stimulate the posture, alignment and muscle memory for the young dancer between the ages of 7 & 10 years. Early training is essential for the student to feel and develop the correct movement patterns by activating the correct muscles. The activation of the intrinsic muscles assists to prepare the feet, calves and hamstrings for the very important transition onto pointe. A multifaceted movement routine with repetition to music will set up the body’s proprioceptive system

Sub Junior

This section is a preparatory section for the young child’s body to enter into PBT training. This area also gives the teachers how to assist to help a child that isn’t able to cope with an exercise in the junior Program due to some physical restrictions. Training in this section will set you young child’s movement pattern with repetition to music that will set up the body’s proprioceptive system.

Safe Stretching

Dancers should take stretching very seriously and this section of PBT provides exercises to ensure dancers are flexible and not hypermobile. The Coordination and timing of when to stretch improves the muscle interplay and simultaneously increases the range of motion.

Correcting faults

This extremely important section built into the online platform will keep developing to respond to common questions from teachers who need advice on common faults. You can find tutorials on the common ‘sickle foot line” or why it is important never to ‘tuck” the pelvis as well as a section on assisting a student with scoliosis or managing a student with hyperextended legs.

As the creator/founder of the Progressing Ballet Technique programs, my methodology is to assist every student to train safely in classical ballet. Ballet training should be enjoyed by every student! We realize that some students have the natural facility to enjoy a professional career, however the majority simply love the feeling of movement. Assisting teachers to understand every student’s capability and encouraging them to achieve their personal best, is my motivation for PBT. We have so much knowledge at our fingertips today in Dance Science and Dance Medicine, implementing this aspect through the PBT programs promotes longevity in ballet training. Muscles themselves don’t have memory, however it is the brain that directly sends the message to the muscles through correct movement patterns. The proprioception of each movement is developed in the PBT class, which eventually transfers into the ballet class. The PBT journey has been both stimulating and humbling as I view the enthusiasm worldwide who follows the program.
Marie is a very experienced ballet teacher. She has trained and nurtured many wonderful students in the past. I have utmost respect for her as a teacher. Her supplementary training method is of real benefit to dance students. The effective exercises will strengthen their core stability, muscle control, balance and help their dancing.
Marie Walton-Mahon has taught many of Australia’s most accomplished dancers. It is wonderful that she is sharing her techniques through this DVD to the wider dance community and I am sure it will be a great tool for teachers and dancers alike.
Marie has devised a unique, intensive , and comprehensive strengthening program targeted to aspiring dancers. A unique program tailored to specific ages and abilities using apparatus to challenge the body, initiate muscle memory, and improve alignment and stability, bringing awareness to ones own body. With Marie’s broad knowledge of the body, mind and ballet technique, this is a wonderful tool in addition to ballet training.
I feel incredibly humbled and fortunate to have such a special relationship with Marie. She taught me from age 3-16 and has remained the single best teacher I have ever had. I owe much of the success I’ve had in my career to this wonderful and inspiring lady. With Marie’s constant guidance and support, PBT is flourishing in Europe and I feel so honoured to be the one to share her amazing program. To get to see first hand how this work helps, accelerates and encourages dancers of all ages to reach their full potential is truly wonderful. I look forward to an exciting future of PBT with Marie who continues to inspire me every day.
As a past student of Marie Walton-Mahon whom is still very much a mentor to me today, I couldn’t be more excited and proud for her programme “Progressing Ballet Technique”. What it is giving the students of today who will surely be the stars of tomorrow is priceless. As a professional dancer Demi-Soloist Stuttgart Ballet. I see the need and benefit from strengthening exercises that students can’t yet grasp. With “Progressing Ballet Technique” Marie has so cleverly made the transition from Pilates to Class by combining strength core work with ballet steps and musicality, which is integral to every ballet artist. I wish Marie every success new online training to make this accessible worldwide for both teachers and students. Marie’s teachings still continue to help me reach success in the career as an “Artist” of “Ballet.”
With decades of experience working with dancers from beginners to professional, Ms. Marie Walton-Mahon has produced countless professional dancers around the world. Ms. Walton-Mahon’s program provides students deep knowledge and understanding of the bodies anatomy, core strength, and technique. Through her careful and creative teaching methods, she provided me a valuable dance education and strong foundation needed to succeed in the cut-throat industry. This program is crucial to any dancer wanting to take their dancing to the next level. I highly recommend Progressing Ballet Technique.
Progressing ballet technique is a unique and essential approach to the art form that is ballet. For the longevity, safety, knowledge and preservation of the art, to come across progressive ballet technique is visionary and something all young dancers should be aware of and I urge them to embrace this revolutionary support system.
Marie Walton-Mahon has been training exceptional students to achieve their full potential for many years. The Progressing Ballet Technique series is a unique and highly successful program aimed at enhancing a student’s understanding of correct technique through core stability, weight placement, and alignment. As a Dance Physiotherapist, the goal of awareness through education to minimize injury is never far from my mind and I feel a program of this caliber is an excellent adjunct to the training of senior students.
Several years ago I was told I may never walk without a limp, let alone dance or be en pointe ever again after a horse fell on me and broke my pelvic ring in 3 places, crushed my L5-S1 and did permanent nerve damage by separating my SI joint. I spent 1.5 years in PT, 3x a week and I actually slowly began working back up to teaching with an amazing assistant who could demo when (or what I couldn’t). *Flash forward to me finding PBT and showing it to my physio and asking if I could try it. He agreed it could only help and would sort of give me a gauge as to what I could and couldn't do. So I signed up online, honestly at first just for me personally, and within a month I noticed a huge improvement in my core strength and my ability to control my hyperextension made such a huge difference. *Such a difference that I now teach 4-6 hours back to back 5 days a week and do 6-8 hours of privates on weekends and teach pointe 4 nights a week, on pointe. I only actually brought it into the classroom one day a student was really struggling with shifting the weight in tendu, so I grabbed my ball out of the car showed her the posture exercise and everyone wanted to try it. Now my schedule is jam packed with kids wanting classes and privates. *I won't say that I was a skeptic in any way as I fully believed in the program being beneficial to me personally rehabilitating, but I had no idea how quickly I would fall in love with it and I literally answer every technique issue I’m asked with, "have you tried PBT?" *I just wanted to let you know that your program has literally saved me not only in personal strength but also in my dancers strength. One of my students was selected from the Joffrey South intensive for their full year trainee program this year, and she swears our PBT class and our privates using the principals and exercises from the website being key factors in her improving so much this season. Thank you again so much for all that you are doing for ballet and this generation of up and comers!
I attended your course in Atlanta and wanted to share a story with you. I have a young student who is a beautiful dancer but has extreme hyper mobility and has had various issues due to it. I knew I wanted to use PBT for her and just did a few sub junior exercises with her yesterday for the first time. She had an appointment today and at that appointment they discussed more about her condition and her mom mentioned PBT to the Dr and he said he knew of it and how wonderful it will be for her. He said she needs to do it every week for core strength and alignment. He gave her PT exercises but said that the PBT will probably be more beneficial. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for bringing the program to the US. I foresee it being a life changer for this girl especially.
I first commenced ballet training at 16 years of age with Marie Walton-Mahon, I found out quite quickly that ballet was much more difficult than all the other dance styles I had studied. I was taken back to basics and taught some exercises using a fit ball for me to understand what muscles are required to be activated in order to produce a movement. These exercises that I was taught has now developed into the world-renowned program Progressing Ballet Technique. One year after commencing ballet training alongside PBT, I found myself in the Final of the Youth America Grand Prix in New York where I was offered a scholarship to The Washington School of Ballet. Alongside solid Ballet training, PBT if performed correctly, can undoubtedly enhance your training and overall aesthetic. Marie believed in me and taught me how to understand my body to produce every movement with clarity, line and gusto. I continued to study PBT whilst on scholarship as a Trainee with Washington Ballet and was offered a contract one year later.
So excited! Yesterday I introduced the core and port de bras exercise with added rotation from parallel to first and back (really working for that constant ability to engage deep rotators). I also did posture check and simplified transfer of weight. I love using this technique! My students don't feel pressured as they explore their bodies' needs. Many have been dancing for years but not really having much success grasping the subtle, crucial aspects of technique. Yesterday I helped them feel the difference of gripping incorrect muscles to engaging correct muscles in the bridge, such a sigh of relief when you allow the body to do what it is meant to do. Loving PBT as a professional- a practical and safe approach to achieving quality ballet movement. Thank you